Bruce Webber & Nan Bush

Heel to Heal


The Heel to Heal (March 14, 2004 – June 1, 2004) exhibition opened in association with Delta Society, a national charity devoted to improving human health through service and therapy animals. Heel to Heal is a collection of the personal drawings, paintings, and photographs that Bruce Weber and Nan Bush have collected over a 30-year period. It includes some of the great works of iconic photographers like Weston, Beaton, Steichen and Weegee. Many of the photographs were gifts from studios, galleries, artists, movie icons, and the social elite. However, Bruce and Nan also frequented flea markets and antique stores where they uncovered some incredible works by young artists, who went on to become great artists, or successes in other ways.

Designed by Sam Shahid, the exhibition catalog embodies the spirit of the show. It includes a foreword by Alannah Weston and an essay by Nan Bush and Bruce Weber.

ISBN 0-9746116-1-1, hardback, 168 pages, 11.25 x 12.75 inches, published by Windsor Press.


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