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[{"title":"Hole 1","yards":"375","par":"4","description":"The opening hole is a medium length, straight par four that plays slightly uphill. The putting surface is elevated and is guarded by a series of bunkers to the right of the green.","location":{"lat":"0.438","lng":"0.46"},"vimeo":"https:\/\/\/92145342","pid":1},{"title":"Hole 2","yards":"420","par":"4","description":"This long, demanding par four dogleg left plays even longer due to the prevailing headwinds, and features a large lake down the entire left side of the hole. Bunkers protect the putting surface at the front right and behind the green.","location":{"lat":"0.578","lng":"0.495"},"vimeo":"https:\/\/\/92145341","pid":2},{"title":"Hole 3","yards":"531","par":"5","description":"The 3rd hole is a relatively straight, narrow par five that may be reachable for long hitters at certain times. Oak and Palm trees frame the both sides of the hole. The left and right side of the green is guarded by bunkers.","location":{"lat":"0.681","lng":"0.548"},"vimeo":"https:\/\/\/92145344","pid":3},{"title":"Hole 4","yards":"210","par":"3","description":"Long and demanding are the words to describe this strong par three that plays out of the woods to a green situated on the edge of the lake. The putting surface is open in the front.","location":{"lat":"0.761","lng":"0.733"},"vimeo":"https:\/\/\/92145343","pid":4},{"title":"Hole 5","yards":"385","par":"4","description":"Trouble in the form of a large lake comes into play down the entire right side of this dogleg right par 4. The smallish green is well protected by bunkers and water in the front.","location":{"lat":"0.768","lng":"0.896"},"vimeo":"https:\/\/\/92148346","pid":5},{"title":"Hole 6","yards":"172","par":"3","description":"This is a medium length par three that plays shorter than the yardage based on the helping wind. Strong mounding flanks the edges of the putting surfaces.","location":{"lat":"0.684","lng":"0.96"},"vimeo":"https:\/\/\/92148347","pid":6},{"title":"Hole 7","yards":"591","par":"5","description":"The longest hole on the course is a fairly straight par five. The green itself is positioned among forested vegetation, devoid of any bunkers or water, making it unique to the rest of the course.","location":{"lat":"0.666","lng":"0.756"},"vimeo":"https:\/\/\/92148349","pid":7},{"title":"Hole 8","yards":"432","par":"4","description":"The 8th hole is a medium length par four that is generally played with wind at the golfer\u2019s back. The putting surface is elevated and is protected by three deep bunkers to the right.","location":{"lat":"0.539","lng":"0.535"},"vimeo":"https:\/\/\/92148350","pid":8},{"title":"Hole 9","yards":"390","par":"4","description":"A large lake confronts the player immediately off the tee on this straightaway par 4. A large green will test players\u2019 short game skills.","location":{"lat":"0.411","lng":"0.447"},"vimeo":"https:\/\/\/92151264","pid":9},{"title":"Hole 10","yards":"410","par":"4","description":"The 10th hole features a large lake that runs along the entire left side of the fairway. The putting surface is very difficult and includes a \u201cfalse front\u201d that will reject weakly struck shots, leaving the player with a very difficult chip shot.","location":{"lat":"0.369","lng":"0.471"},"vimeo":"https:\/\/\/92151265","pid":10},{"title":"Hole 11","yards":"461","par":"4","description":"This challenging par four has a gentle dogleg to the right off the tee. A large lake parallels the entire right side of the hole and a series of fairway bunkers on the left side come into play off the tee. The green is tilted towards the fairway and protected by large bunkers to the right.","location":{"lat":"0.273","lng":"0.397"},"vimeo":"https:\/\/\/92151266","pid":11},{"title":"Hole 12","yards":"172","par":"3","description":"This dramatic, downhill par three plays to a green with bunkers to the left and right. A ridge runs through the center of the green that must be carried to reach back hole locations.","location":{"lat":"0.26","lng":"0.334"},"vimeo":"https:\/\/\/92152545","pid":12},{"title":"Hole 13","yards":"568","par":"5","description":"Trouble in the form of bunkers and sandy natural areas confront the golfer the entire way on this long par 5. The green is protected by deep bunkers to the left and a steep slope to the right.","location":{"lat":"0.241","lng":"0.221"},"vimeo":"https:\/\/\/92151269","pid":13},{"title":"Hole 14","yards":"429","par":"4","description":"This is a long straightforward par four that plays uphill to an elevated putting surface. The green is set on a plateau that is notably the highest point on the golf course.","location":{"lat":"0.267","lng":"0.184"},"vimeo":"https:\/\/\/92152544","pid":14},{"title":"Hole 15","yards":"369","par":"4","description":"This par 4 features a large lake down the entire right side. The second shot is played over water with bunkers protecting the back of the green. Proper club selection is critical for your approach to this extremely narrow green.","location":{"lat":"0.3","lng":"0.163"},"vimeo":"https:\/\/\/92152543","pid":15},{"title":"Hole 16","yards":"569","par":"5","description":"Options off the tee are abundant on this par 5 that plays to a green positioned on a peninsula with water close to its edge. The large green has a couple of tiers that offer a variety of pin positions.","location":{"lat":"0.318","lng":"0.304"},"vimeo":"https:\/\/\/92153725","pid":16},{"title":"Hole 17","yards":"216","par":"3","description":"This long par three plays slightly uphill and has a severely sloped green that requires shots to be positioned below the hole. Par is a great score here.","location":{"lat":"0.325","lng":"0.439"},"vimeo":"https:\/\/\/92153724","pid":17},{"title":"Hole 18","yards":"387","par":"4","description":"This hole features a split fairway, players need to decide whether to play over a series of cross bunkers or take a more conservative approach to the left. The second shot is played over water to a small green that is guarded by bunkers to the right.","location":{"lat":"0.357","lng":"0.428"},"vimeo":"https:\/\/\/92153723","pid":18}]