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    Windsor’s full-scale Equestrian Centre offers lessons and recreational riding under the professional guidance of Max Secunda.

    Equestrian Centre

    Windsor’s original polo fields are iconic features of the property. They have evolved to accommodate a full Equestrian Centre with 26 stables, 14 paddocks, a 170-yard-long multi-purpose stick and ball field, a full-sized polo field for exhibition matches, boarding, maintenance, lessons and riding for recreation, all under the guidance of Director of Equestrian Operations Max Secunda.


    An accomplished player for a number of high-goal polo teams in the UK, Canada and Argentina, Director of Equestrian Operations Max Secunda has developed a flourishing children’s polo team that participates in tournaments nationally and internationally. The Equestrian Centre also offers individual and group polo lessons and practice games for adults.

    A flourishing children’s polo team participates in tournaments nationally and internationally.
    With its full-sized polo and stick and ball fields, polo is taught and played at a professional level at Windsor.


    The Equestrian Centre also hosts social events throughout the season, including the popular annual Argentine Asado featuring authentic South American barbecue and equestrian demonstrations. Windsor’s biennial Charity Polo Cup, which raises funds for worthy causes, has become a much-anticipated event in the Vero Beach community. International players compete in the high-goal charity match directed by Secunda.

    A roster of word-class players compete at the biennial Windsor Charity Polo Cup.