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    Village Store

    Village Store

    Located in the heart of the Village Centre, the Village Store is a place where Members stop by for a cup of coffee, pick up a light lunch and socialize at special culinary events, such as frequent wine and cheese tastings and theme dinners.

    Members’ four-legged friends are welcome to lounge on the Village Store loggia.
    The ever-popular Village Store is conveniently located in the heart of the Village Centre.
    For a cup of coffee, a light meal or to pick up groceries, the Village Store is a favorite daily stop.


    The delightful Village Store offers specialty coffees, healthy smoothies and casual fare that can be enjoyed at indoor and outdoor tables or packaged neatly to take away. A curated selection of groceries includes snacks, cheeses, cookies and a variety of gourmet foods. It is also the place to pick up wine, newspapers, gift baskets and sundries.


    Serving as Windsor’s hub, the Village Store is a morning gathering spot for families and friends to enjoy fresh coffee, smoothies and breakfast. At lunch time, golfers and tennis enthusiasts fill its tables. Before it closes at 7 p.m., diners can enjoy the sunset and an early casual dinner on the Village Store’s loggia.

    Always abuzz with families, the Village Store caters to every taste.
    Village Store