Alex Katz is a leading American artist who has defined possibilities in figurative art since the 1950s, exerting significant influence upon generations of younger artists.

Organized by Dr. David Moos, Curator of The Art Gallery of Ontario, Seeing, Drawing, Making featured a prominent selection of 47 figurative and landscape works surveying how Katz conceives of an image, and subsequently elaborates it across diverse media. The exhibition encompassed a selection of prints, drawings and oil paintings on both board and canvas. The wide-ranging exhibition was accompanied by a fully illustrated catalog.

Drawing is central to Katz’s process of image formation: Seeing, Drawing, Making allowed visitors to witness how he develops specific images, beginning with intuitive sketches, continuing with pencil drawings and large-format charcoal cartoons, and concluding with completed canvases. Katz’s collaboration with the choreographer Paul Taylor revealed how the artist draws upon dance as a source of inspiration, leading to innovative poses and bodily movements, which ultimately lead to completed paintings.