In observance of The Nature Conservancy’s 50th anniversary, an exhibition of photographs exploring and celebrating the natural world was displayed at The Gallery at Windsor in March 2005. The exhibition included a lecture held in Windsor’s Town Hall by Steve McCormick, President and CEO of The Nature Conservancy.

In Response to Place featured 48 photographs of the Conservancy’s “Last Great Places,” ecologically important areas from around the world.

Exhibition curator Andy Grundberg invited twelve photographers of established reputation to select a place the Conservancy helps protect and record their response to that place on film. The exhibition’s range of styles, from landscape photography to portraiture and photojournalism, illustrated the rich and complex splendor of these places, as well as the diversity of artists represented. The featured artists included those who are famous for their landscape photographs such as Terry Evans and Richard Misrach, those who have achieved wide followings for their portraiture such as Annie Liebowitz and William Wegman, and those who are best known for their work on the cutting edge of the art world such as Sally Mann and Lee Friedlander.

The In Response to Place exhibition went on a four-year tour to venues across the United States, as well as to sites in Brazil and Japan. Accompanying the exhibition was a 160-page, fully illustrated book.